vision tests and eye examinations

vision tests and eye examinations

Testing your vision online can be fun and informative. But becoming aware of your needs is only the first step! It doesn’t replace an eye exam but can quickly guide an individual, if they need it, to an eye care professional. This is the only person competent to carry out a full review of your vision health and prescribe the optical correction best adapted for your vision.

Regular vision tests and eye
examinations are important

Vision is a precious asset that changes over our lifetime. It’s critical, whether you wear glasses or not, to check your eyesight regularly, and at any age. These exams are all the more important as many people are unaware that they have an eye problem. They also allow in some cases to diagnose other diseases such as diabetes and certain cancers.


What is the difference between
vision tests and an eye examination?

Vision tests are available to everyone. At school, at an optician, or even online, they enable an individual easily to check his or her eyesight. However, they do not replace the eye exams that evaluate ocular motility, visual fields, eye structures and the fundus.

Unlike a simple eyesight test, an eye examination provides information on the patient’s vision and general health. For example it’s the only one that can detect eye diseases at an early stage such as cataracts, AMD, glaucoma and more.